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Do you have a mountain of tasks and unfinished projects that you keep avoiding and procrastinating? It can be very difficult to navigate ADHD or time anxiety during this pandemic. You don’t have to be alone. In our three months ADHD online coaching group, we’re here to help you keep you accountable so you can get things done. Our group is designed to help you by providing organization and coping strategies and resources so you are not overwhelmed. It is a safe space to find the connection and motivation you need because it takes a community.

You are not alone. It takes a community.

Joining a group is a great way to dip your toes into the water if you’re not ready for the commitment of ongoing individual therapy/coaching and learn from others who are struggling with similar issues including time management, organizing, perfectionism, overwhelm, and shutdowns.

The group will meet once a week for twelve (12) sessions. Group agenda is structured and will focus on one of the following topics per week:

  • Skill Building: We teach you specific tools to help manage your ADHD brain. Let us provide the skills or executive functions (mental skills like planning or self-control) you lack. Skills we learn include uncovering repeating unhealthy patterns of behavior and how to break them, goal setting, weekly planning, creating structure, and more.
  • Mini-mastermind sessions: Brainstorming solutions, resources, receive feedback, and support around ADHD specific issues you’re struggling with. Together we uncover what specific mental blocks are holding you back.
  • Accountability with Virtual Co-working: We roll up our sleeves and co-work together on our goals live during sessions. No procrastinating, no buts. Taxes, cleaning, or essays you’ve been avoiding? We do it together. Afterwards, we check-in to debrief and learn skills to help with distractions.
  • Discussion Forum: This is where we get peer support and discuss how ADHD affects anxiety and how ADHD affects areas of our lives – personal, work, relationships, and health and learn coping tools around it in a safe space with people with ADHD –those who know exactly what you’re going through! We aim to validate, not invalidate.

Group will have a maximum of ten (10) members only.

Who is this group for? Adults with ADHD or those that have ADHD traits and are struggling in life. You do not need to have an actual diagnosis to be in this group.


The total package fee for twelve (12) sessions is $300 (non-refundable). You can also pay by installment – $150 non-refundable deposit to secure your slot and the rest of $150 during the start of group.

It’s an investment in your self-growth and making your life better vs continuing to pay for your ADHD tax (late payments, being late, disappointing friends, avoiding important tasks- how much does that cost you in total $$?)

Where: Zoom sessions only.

When: Sessions start from 26th May 2021. Every Wednesday at 5 pm EST.

Remember, you’re not alone. It is time to connect and be the best version of yourself.


“I didn’t realize how much I needed this group until I joined it this year in the midst of the quarantine. I used to think my ADHD behavior was just an accumulation of my bad habits and I used to reprimand myself every time I struggled to get work done. It got especially worse during the quarantine when no one, but I, could hold myself accountable in my daily tasks. Now, after being in this group, I no longer panic or put myself down since I know now that what I experience is just a symptom of ADHD and there are tools available for me to face any challenges along the way. Although my road to recovery might be a long one, I’m glad that I’m finally on the right path.”

-Anthony C.

“The most important thing I took from this group was how important it is to be able to share even the most minor aspects of ADHD and have people understand and validate you. And it is just important to see your same issues and quirks in other people, as it makes you feel much less alone.”

-Dan D.

*Summer Cycle Registration is now full! Tune into the website for updates about upcoming groups*

Interested applicants must schedule a free consultation interview before they are admitted to group. Once they are accepted, they pay the non-refundable package rate of $300 or pay by two installments to secure their slot in the group.

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